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W-Tools Inc
Dec. 8, 2007

LWCAD is a top set of add-on modeling plugins for LightWave 3D. Core of this package contains a complete set of standard CAD tools with the most advanced osnap engine. It equips your favorite modeling program with the countless features normally available only in expensive CAD applications.
Latest versions contains some revolutionary features as a real-time curve booleans or real-time polygons drilling which are absolutely unique in the industry. Also new set of archiviz tools which is specially designed for creating architecture. It allows user to create a complex building in a few minutes. Those new features will push you into another modeling dimension.

Overall LWCAD is a highly useful product for all LightWave users! But if you are using LightWave for architecture or industrial design, then it is MUST HAVE product for you. It will enormously save up your time in modeling phase and allow you to create very precise and professional models.


Please Note:

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