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Global Materials LW 11.0+

June 5, 2012

Allows you to set up up global material node networks and then access them in many other surfaces.

Example usage:

-Smooth blending two or more materials regardless of surface (which has polygon edge boundary) or object. e.g. smooth transition from water to sand and then to grass in archiviz scenes.
-Replacing time consuming copying and pasting of surfaces when same material is used in multiple surfaces or even multiple objects and settings need to be changed.
-Transforming from one material to another one in animation.
-Control parameters of multiple surfaces. e.g. same animated envelope connected to Diffuse channel of couple materials, surfaces or objects.


Please Note:

The LightWave 3D® Group offers the third party plug-ins database as a courtesy and is not responsible for technical support or damage to your system or files from use.